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Real Estate


Real Estate

Property and Tenant Data Management Services for the Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate Industry faces significant challenges such as liquidity issues due to high servicing debt and relatively low operating revenues, a lack of funding options and cash flow, handling their distributed properties, a delay in the completion of ongoing projects, dealing with leasing formalities, managing documentation, guiding the inward-outward cashflows, and much more. AppKing Tech Solutions provides end-to-end real estate management software solutions to simplify and effectively manage data silos while maintaining data integrity in a highly secure environment.

AppKing Tech Solutions is the premier Real Estate Software Solution partner, empowering property owners and bridging the gap between them and their target clients. With a feature-rich, adaptable architecture that provides considerable cost savings, our digitally transformational solutions provide a competitive advantage in the market. Our software’s various functionality and unique features enable effective and efficient data storage and administration in the following categories:

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